WeMix is the premiere web platform for DJs. Whether you are mobile, club, turntablist,  producer, or even a bedroom DJ, WeMix provides the resources to help take you where you want to go in your DJ career. We want to foster the craft and  community of DJs, disrupt and provide solutions that plague working in a volatile market, and advocate the value that DJs provide to the industry and community as a whole. From budding new DJs to seasoned veterans, as the landscape is ever-changing for music, technology, and the world in general, WeMix is your companion along your path to success.

DJ Free

  • Create a profile to act as your online EPK.
  • Aggregate you content from other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, MixCloud, and ReverbNation on your profile.
  • Network with other DJs and industry professionals.
  • Offer opportunities for fans to discover you.

DJ Pro

  • Establish youself as a professional DJ with a special designation on your profile.
  • One place to manage most aspects of your brand and business.
  • Upload and promote your mixes. Your mix pages will also show you upcoming events to cross promote mixes you create and the event you perform at.
  • Post and log your gigs. Use it to create a as sort of your online resume where people can also see the past gigs that builds your reputation.
  • Resource to streamline your interactions with promoters, agents, managers, and other various stakeholders.
  • A Client Relation Manager (CRM) to track your clients, track proposals, and close the deal. 
  • Project Management tools to help organize and make sure your gig goes off without a hitch.  
  • Access to contract creation templates.
  • Access to your WeMix social analytics to build your case on why someone should hire you. 
  • Option to have WeMix represent your booking gigs. 
  • Advertising material.  
  • Easy gig rental. Rent a full gig setup that our team sets up and breaks down at the event location. All you have to worry about is showing up and DJing. (Service  availability based on location . Coming soon)  
  • Sell you services on your profile page. (Coming soon) 
  • Access to discount programs on equipment, record pools, insurance, hotels, rental cars, and more. (Coming soon)  
  • Access to assistance programs for legal, business planning,  financial planning, and health. (Coming soon) 
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